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Musixxi Editor

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Musixxi Edit, A powerful audio editor app for android that includes audio recording, editing & effects for manipulating audio. This app is designed with an interactive UI were a novice or an expert can do professional audio production on the go. The Editing Screen of the App helps users to work seamlessly with its Wave-form editor, Basic Pre-loaded audio editing tools and additional effects. Over all this app works as a Handy Recording Studio start from audio recording, editing to backup the recorded file to cloud.Some of its featured uses:
-Smart effects option for beginners to add, preview and save effects just-in-few-clicks-Use audio extractor function to crop/cut your Ringtones-Add background for your recording before or after recording-This app has an attractive home screen widget for Insta-Recording-Use External Mic/Headset for recording-This App supports Save, Share, Export, Cloud Backup the produced Audio File-It Supports upto 100+ Standard Audio formats available on the web-Vocal Extraction/Karaoke function of the app helps to remove vocal portion of the Audio-Gain Feature to optimize the input based on the room acoustics-You can also Mix & Merge of two audio files-Other basic editing functions like cut/copy/paste/trim the selected Audio-Advanced options like Reverb Manager, Audio Quality Manager, Pitch Manager & much more
Musixxi Edit has In-app purchases for features like Mixing Many Records, Voice to Text, Encrypting records, Backup services. You can enable these features by subscribing it at nominal rate as in-app purchase or as periodical subscriptions all together.☆Convert recorded Audio to text. You can convert your records of any length into “Texts” acting as a dictaphone, giving you therefore the possibility to listen to them with an internal “Vocal synthesizer” and save them in Audio Format. In other words you actually synthesize your own voice.☆ Encrypt and decrypt your records and protect them with Password at 128 characters (bytes).☆ Mixing Many Records allows you to mix more than 2 records at-a-time.☆ Backup & Restore Records from Cloud Drives.
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